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Grants Update

Greater Cleveland Food Bank

In April 2022, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank announced the availability of capacity grants to its partners to help increase current and future distribution efforts resulting from and following on from the pandemic. In total, over $1.5 million in requests were received from the GCFB partner agencies. Grants were available for a range of requests designed to enhance the ability to continue to provide essential emergency support to communities deemed to be food insecure.

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Healthy Lakewood Foundation

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation’s played a significant part in helping us meet the demands for emergency food predicated by the exponential increase in the number of Lakewood residents coming to the Center for emergency food and then to meet the needs of the 1,000+ households receiving home delivery when we made that switch in service delivery.

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Lakewood/Rocky River Rotary Foundation

The 2021 grant from the Lakewood/Rocky River Rotary is the 11th annual gift LCSC has received from the Foundation in support of our food, housing, mental health, and case management services.

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Three Arches Foundation

The 2021/2022 grant of $99,000 from Three Arches Foundation supports of our new program entitled Empowering Seniors Toward Health Self-Management. This innovative health self-management program will allow us not only to source healthier food but will provide us the opportunity to work with local celebrity chefs who will offer live demonstrations showing how to prepare it.

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Community West Foundation

LCSC is grateful for and humbled by 14 years of continuous funding support from Community West Foundation. The 2021 Foundation grant will support our essential food service programs, which have become the focus of our grant-seeking for 2022.

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The Vincent J. Stark Foundation

LCSC is grateful for the fifth consecutive year of funding from the Vincent J. Stark Foundation to support our work with the underserved residents of Lakewood, Rocky River, and Westlake.

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