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Senior Delivery

LCSC has been making once-a-month deliveries to seniors living in subsidized senior apartment buildings for 11 years. During the height of the pandemic we have not been able to deliver to each senior’s apartment, but we have continued this important program by drop-offs in the buildings’ lobbies or common areas.  We are excited to announce that Lakewood High School students who are members of H2O (Help to Others), the city’s service program for youth, will return to help us with door-to-door deliveries at the Westerly apartments in May. Senior residents love interacting with our community’s high school students! 

Each monthly delivery includes fresh fruit, eggs, and cheese.  Every effort is made to include low-sodium and low-sugar products.  Currently, deliveries are made to more than 400 residents in the Westerly Apartments, the South Westerly, Fedor Manor, and Lake Shore Towers in Lakewood, and to Pinzone Towers in Rocky River.

To sign up for delivery, please contact your building’s service coordinator or building manager.